My name is Michael and these recipes are from my discoveries with pressure cooking. This blog started in 2015 with the goal to showcase pressure cooking recipes.  These recipes show that you can make food that both look good and taste good in a pressure cooker. One day some of the posts will become a book!

The recipes are of my own. I get my ideas from Vietnamese dishes that my family grew up with. Also other dishes make the list are slow cooked meals that can be made faster with pressure cooking. It is all about making good food fast.

How did I get into blogging? Back in 2012, I did a talk as part of Ignite London 7 called “Why do we share pictures of food?”. With tons of photos of food on our phones, my wife and I started a food blog called Love2Feed. It highlighted different places in London that we went to eat and different dishes we made together. Today my wonderful wife does the food photography for Pressure Eats.   

Hope you enjoy this blog 🙂