Elena Duggan’s twice cooked lamb


Today we attempt one of the winning dishes from Masterchef Australia. In a competition show, a pressure cooker was used to cook lamb until tender and finished on the pan.

A few weeks ago Elena Duggan won the title of Masterchef Australia. My wife and I love this cooking show. Amateurs battling it out every week and with the number of episodes you can see the progression in their skills. There seems to be a real connection between the contestants and makes you root for all of them. The quality in the skills of the cooks in this year’s group was high. Well done to the runner ups and good on the show giving them small prizes too.

If you watch the show, you will see that contestants use the pressure cooker often. For stocks and cooking tender meat the pressure cooker is great method of getting great flavour quick. Proves that if you can make a winning dish on Masterchef with a pressure cooker with limited time, you can make a winning dish at home with time to save.

With a pressure cooker, while the meat is being cooked the sides can be made.

Finishing the lamb on the pan. The molasses will eventually coat the lamb with some heat. It is a unique twist.


Final result!


Here is the recipe from Masterchef – Twice Cooked Lamb with Lamb Jus, Macadamia Nut Puree, Pickled Beets and Vegetables.

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